Muhammad Fadly A Halim

Belbin Project Manager / Trainer at PMCG

“Empowering Youths and Millennials on their path to Success.” 


Muhammad Fadly A Halim is Project Manager / Trainer at PMCG, and a 26 year old Singaporean.


Fadly has a BA in Human Resource Management & Organisation Psychology, and in 2012 became the World’s Youngest Accredited Belbin Facilitator.


At PMCG, Fadly partners with CEO Philip Merry in both conducting and designing workshops for teams and leaders both in Singapore and overseas. Having conducted workshops in Laos, Egypt and Dubai has given him early international exposure to different cultures which is of great benefit when helping young Singaporeans get clear on their career goals.


Having been brought up through Singapore’s rigorous Education System, Fadly understands the pressures and demands on youth today when navigating the life, career and work. This gives him a real benefit when helping the youth of Singapore, which is where he focusses much of his work on. Fadly helps youth / millennials get clear about career and study choices by offering workshops that are designed to equip youth / millennials with the right skills, mentality and expectations to have a smooth transition from school to university to work. He designed and conducts PMCG’s signature workshop “Discover Your Authentic Why – Millennial Edition” which is run in schools and various education institutions in Singapore. With its unique 360° millennial profile it is proving extremely popular.

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