Recent Keynotes


Philip speaks in the areas of Synchronicity, Quantum Leadership,

Cultural Intelligence, Quantum Teams, Engagment and Happiness.

List of Recent Keynote Titles
  • Quantum Leadership in a Changing World

  • Whole-Hearted Engagment

  • Leading with Heart

  • Synchronicity, Intuition and Leadership

  • Synchronicity & Magical Leadership

  • Leadership in Changing Times

  • Global Cultural Intelligence

  • Authenticity & Cultural Identity

  • Cultural Intelligence in a Global World

  • Culture and Personality Conflicts in Business

  • Your Authentic Self Beyond Culture

  • Engagement & Happiness in a Global Workplace

  • Positive Psychology and Workplace Happiness

  • Maximising Energy for Sustainable Performance

  • Happiness & Authenticity

  • 60 is the NEW 30

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